H&M Hat with DIY Flower Crown // KillStarCo Carebear Tee // Unif Harness Shorts // Creepy Little Girl Garter // Too Fast Socks // Demonia Torment Boots

This shirt came just in time for Valentines Day. Its loving and slightly offensive at the same time which is why I love it so. This lovely tee is from KillStarCo, and I must say I want every single thing on their site! The tag says "satan is so kawaii #duh" haha! Other than that I am wearing Too Fast Ouija socks from Dollskill and in the knife picture Im wearing the Unif Harness Shorts. Put a flower crown under my hat, still not sure if I like it or if it looks stupid haha oh well, hope you enjoy it at least! Till next time


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One Response to “WISHING WELL”

  1. I like the flower crown under the hat. It gives a splash of colour and mixing up the statement wonderfully.
    Personally I love the entire look. Will need to show my 18yr old your blog. She will love it :-)